father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This Sunday night the confirmation class have their retreat. Penny Giunta and the Catechists in the family centered faith formation and Kathy Roberts and her team in the confirmation classes have worked hard with them throughout the years to give them an understanding of what it means to be a catholic in our world. Through teaching and practical programs (such as day break and visiting senior homes) they have tried to put their faith into action. We by our example can help them on their journey of faith by challenging and encouraging them to live it out in practical ways. Faith is a journey… a life long journey. We live in a community and that community can help or hinder our faith. We all need to practice our faith and it is through that example that we encourage the young to do likewise. By telling them to do something and not doing it ourselves is bad example and that’s what they see. Practice and example are the best teachers. We journey together in faith Let us continue to do that together.

Fr Karl