father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

What happens now? That was the question many people asked me after Mass on Sunday. They were talking about the Rectory. After the meeting on Friday the architect was asked to finalize the plans and begin the process of getting the necessary permits. As soon as we have the plans they will be on display in the Narthex. Then there will have to be soil sampling and checking where everything will go and all this has to be done before we put a spade in the ground. I thank you, for your support in this next stage of our journey.

I thank you for believing that it was not an impossible dream. I thank you for your generous support to the parish which has enabled us to say and to put money aside for the Rectory. We will still need that support in the days ahead, for now we have a green light and hopefully we will get through the process of permits fairly speedily. Please continue to pray as we begin an exciting adventure. This week we celebrate the 15th anniversary of our parish. God bless all who were involved and continue to be involved in its growth and development.

The Journey Continues,

Fr Karl