Father_KarlDear Brothers and Sisters,

The entrance antiphon for the third Sunday of advent says “Rejoice in the Lord always…” The candle in the wreath we light is pink not purple. We are being reminded that the coming of the Lord is near at hand and we are to rejoice at His presence. It is also a time to ask ourselves what have we done what are we doing to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Savior. Paul tells us not to be judgmental and to be patient. We are blessed because we are free to live and practice our faith and at times that leads to complacency and judgement. We need to remember our brothers and sisters for whom the practice of faith can be hardship and even imprisonment and death. AS we rejoice and prepare, let us be patient and pray for ourselves and for the persecuted. We remember that persecution and death was the lot of John the Baptist and of Jesus and many of the early and later Christians. Rejoice always in the Lord for we are free to announce that Jesus is coming and we will celebrate His birth in Bethlehem without fear.

Come Lord Jesus, Come.

Fr Karl