father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many of the children of the parish will be heading back to school (some reluctantly) within the next few days. Some of their older siblings have already headed for college. For all of them and for the parents it is the end of summer, the end of late nights and the lazy days at the pool. We in the parish celebrate the “end of summer” with our End of Summerfest and parish picnic next Saturday the 17th of August. It’s planned as a fun event but also as an opportunity to reach out and help others. Your donation of blood during the blood drive helps save lives. All too often we hear of tragedies and unspeakable evils, so it is important to be proactive in promoting good. The parish picnic is a small low key event with the objective of allowing people to come together for a little fun and laughter in friendly surroundings and at the same time reach out and help others in need through the blood drive. Next Saturday join us laugh, have some food , play games, chat and remember your brothers and sisters in need.

Fr Karl