father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My mother came to Kenya the year after my father died. I was in the first mission that had opened in Nandi District. I had just taken over a few months previously. I had taken over from one of our priests who had been there a long time, and they had not wanted him to move. It was a struggle and I was not very happy. Seven years later my mother came back because Pope John Paul II was visiting Kenya. My mother was amazed at the growth that had taken place in those seven years and never stopped talking about it. I think because I had been there all the time had not really noticed.

Sometimes that’s the way it is with God in our lives, we do not notice him working. He does it all unseen and unnoticed and then there are moments like the transfiguration when it is all laid out before you. My mother’s second visit to Kenya made me notice things I had taken for granted. God comes to us through our family and friends, the smile, the comment, the outreach in difficult times. God is there working with us encouraging us and walking with us on our journey. There are moments when like the poet we see “the earth charged with the grandeur of God” but there are moments when we need the reminders of others to see that grandeur and beauty.

Let us give thanks for those moments as the journey continues.

Fr Karl

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