father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Summer has come. I realized that last Saturday when I celebrated the 4.30pm Mass and wondered where are they. Are they at a lake somewhere? Have the kids’ games or have they gone to visit the grandparents? Whatever you were doing it brought back memories of childhood, of trips to the seaside of visits to my mother’s family. The sun always seemed to be shining and even though the food at the beach might only have been bread and jam and an occasional side of fries shared among us they were happy and enjoyable days. They created great memories of family and friends.

Whatever you do or where ever you travel, I hope you will do so safely. Yes, there will be the arguments the disagreements, the are we there yet questions, maybe even the who gets the bed or the floor question, but hopefully it will all be done in fun and you come home refreshed. Please do not forget that the church will be open and functioning all summer. Please do not forget us. If you are travelling masstimes. org is a good way to find the Mass time in the area. I know the good Lord would appreciate a visit and a few words.

Enjoy the summer and come back safe.

Let the journey continue,

Fr Karl