father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The 17th of March is more associated with the Feast of St Patrick rather than the second Sun- day of Lent. Patrick’s story can teach us much about conversion renewal and self-sacrifice. He was kidnapped from his home by Irish raiders at about the age of 16 and even though his fami- ly were very much involved in the life of the church(deacons and priests) Patrick’s faith was very weak. He was put to work as a slave herd- ing animals on a hillside. There in the loneliness and bleakness of his situation he began to pray and found God in the hardship of his situation. He eventually escaped and got back to his own family. He could of rejoiced and relaxed in that comfort, but he returned to Ireland to proclaim the good news. We need Patrick’s vigor and faith today. We need people to evangelize and not be afraid of what the world thinks. A good read for Lent might be the “Confessions of St Patrick” It’s not too long and its very personal. Patrick’s humility shines through it.

Let our Journey of faith continue.

Fr. Karl