father_karl_216The first Sunday of Lent reminds us of the humanity of Jesus. He is hungry and probably tired after forty days of fasting and prayer. The devil sees an opportunity to move in on someone who is vulnerable and in a weakened state. He attacks on tree levels , hunger, power and faith. O for that loaf of nice fresh hot bread, even the mention of it is temptation. If the devil succeeds on this one, he has great hopes for the others. Jesus is weak but he is not stupid. He sees what the devil is up to. It is in our moments of weakness that the devil tries to attack us. He uses our vulnerability to attack us, in our hunger, our need for companionship or power, or our moments of unbelief. Like Jesus we need to be prayerful and aware. Lent is a time to build or defenses by being more prayerful and more penitential. Pray for the strength not to be led into temptation and to be delivered from all evil. We journey together in faith.

Fr Karl