father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Many times I have heard the words “now we can have closure” after a sentence is pronounced. Many times I ask the question is that true?

For me closure comes when I find the ability to forgive, to let go and leave it to God. Take a look at today’s gospel, two sons, one by all standards a cad and a waste and yet an explorer, the other a good guy, but he seems to have no capacity to appreciate all he has received and all he has going for him.

I believe he is a little resentful of the fact that he is left alone on the farm even though it is all his. I often ask does he wish that he had done the same as his brother.

So many questions; but one thing shines through God’s love and secondly that God’s love is unconditional. What also strikes me is, that sometimes we have to ask for forgiveness and in order to do that we need to repent. In this case repentance comes about by reflecting on all the good he had experienced in his father’s house. While he may be a cad and a waster he has the ability to reflect whereas the other brother has allowed the resentment to build up in him and does not seem to be able to look at the situation in a calm and reflected way. We can ask ourselves where do I fit in. Am I grateful for the good things in my life or am I resentful or maybe even envious of others. Have I the ability to reflect and repent and ask for forgiveness when necessary. Do I have the ability to say “I am sorry?” Help me Lord as I Journey though Lent to change the things I can change , to accept the things I cannot change and Lord please give me the ability to know the difference.

Let the Journey continue,

Pray for me as I Pray for you,

Fr Karl