father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we listen to the gospel this weekend we find out a little more about how Jesus is tempted. When I first put the wolf in sheep’s clothing on the grounds, many people came to me and said Father that is not good. The reality is that evil often comes to us dressed in sheep’s clothing. Are there people in your life who use you and tell you they know better and lead you down the wrong road? (Try this once I have tried it and I am ok. Try this tablet it will make you feel great or this will make the water fizz or the coffee nicer.)

We see it in the gospel Jesus is tired and hungry and vulnerable. He is human and the devil plays on that. Use your power, you are hungry. As we read rediscov- er Jesus we are invited to get to know the human and the divine Jesus. Who is He, who is he to me, what is he calling me to become. How can I get to know Him better? How can I share Him with others? In learning about and getting to know Jesus I hope it will help us all to live better lives, help us handle better the ways we deal with the wolves in sheep clothing but above all to have a deep personal relationship with the One who is the way the truth and the life. In many ways that is what Lent is about. Repentance leads us to renewal and to finding new ways to show Jesus to the world. As we continue to read let us journey with and to the

Lord Pray for me as I pray for you,

Fr Karl