father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

February 1st in Ireland is the Feast of St Brigid of Kildare one of the three patron saints of Ireland. She does not get the same attention as St Patrick, but in Irish tradition St Brigid’s day is also the first day of spring, yes I wrote spring.

To us here in the Midwest and even to the Irish weather man it is still winter. I can see, having grown up in Ireland, why it would be considered spring. Usually the snowdrops and the crocuses have come above the ground and the days are lengthening. It’s cold but there is freshness in the air. It’s like the blast of warmer weather that we often get in mid to late January.

We all need that freshness and it’s in the gospel today as Jesus proclaims the Beatitudes. Suddenly there is newness. Jesus is showing people a different and more compassionate God.

We as Christians in our world have to make Christ and His teaching new every day. A good way to start might be to read the beatitudes as a family and see what challenges they lay before you in life. Remember spring is not a date on a calendar. It is every day of our life as we try to make all things fresh and new. A blessed St Brigid’s day to all but especially to the committed religious sisters who through teaching, health care and many other ministries have enriched the life of our church.

Let the journey continue.

Fr Karl