Join the Cherubim and Saraphim Choirs!

CHILDREN AND YOUTH OF ST. FRANCIS XAVIER PARISH ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE CHERUBIM AND SERAPHIM CHOIRS! WHAT: The Cherubim Children’s Choir is for children ages 7-12 to come together and learn simple yet beautiful sacred music and basic choral and music theory skills. The Seraphim Youth Choir is for teens ages 13-19 to sing…


Elizabeth Ministry

Our parish is interested in starting an exciting new ministry that responds to the joys and sorrows of life during childbearing, rearing and grand-parenting years! This outreach encompasses pregnancy, pregnancy complications, birth, infant or child crisis, fertility and infertility concerns, miscarriage, infant or child death, family life and grand-parenting issues. Where do you go for…


Sing to the Lord!!

Adults are invited and welcome to sing with the Adult Choir! Choir members give of their time to serve in this ministry and assist in leading the congregation in song. Weekly rehearsals have resumed and are on Thursdays from 7:00-8:30. The Youth Choir is in need of young voices to keep this ministry going. Children…

This Week's Bulletin


father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Over the last year if you have read my few words in the bulletin you will have noticed that I usually end my word with let the journey continue. What do I mean by that? I believe that our life as Christians is a pilgrimage or a journey. During that pilgrimage we meet various people, sometimes briefly and other times we form deep and lasting friendships. My image is of the Christ walking the trails of Galilee with a motley band of followers. In three years he transformed them into a fearless band of evangelizers who were prepared to go to the ends of the earth to proclaim Christ. He accompanied them on the journey. Through his sharing and their interactions, their faith was strengthened Jesus met people where they were at. He formed a relationship with them and then he journeyed with them. With different people he moved at different paces. For some there was nearly instant conversion and for others it was long and arduous. Above all it was done with respect with trust and with love. For all of us this advent we journey together with trust with respect and with love opening the door to Christ and helping each other on that journey at their pace encouraging and reassuring them so that we can all grow together in faith.

Let our Journey together continue.

Fr Karl