Elizabeth Ministry

Our parish is interested in starting an exciting new ministry that responds to the joys and sorrows of life during childbearing, rearing and grand-parenting years! This outreach encompasses pregnancy, pregnancy complications, birth, infant or child crisis, fertility and infertility concerns, miscarriage, infant or child death, family life and grand-parenting issues. Where do you go for…


Sing to the Lord!!

Adults are invited and welcome to sing with the Adult Choir! Choir members give of their time to serve in this ministry and assist in leading the congregation in song. Weekly rehearsals have resumed and are on Thursdays from 7:00-8:30. The Youth Choir is in need of young voices to keep this ministry going. Children…


How to Make a Rosary class

St. Francis Xavier successfully held its first How to Make a Rosary class hosted by the Legion of Mary! Rosaries created during the event will be donated. Thanks to all those who attended!  

Upcoming Events

This Week's Bulletin


father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This week we celebrate the Feast of all Saints and we commemorate the souls of the faithful departed. There are many traditions associated with these two days. As a child I remember my mother trying to visit as many churches as she could on all souls day. She would cycle from place to place with the youngest who was not in school on the carrier, getting to her three if not more Masses and at the same time making sure that all the meals and household chores were done. During November all of the family graves would be visited. When I look back at it now, I realize it was for her a form of handling her own grief but it was also an expression of her deep faith. We are reminded that it is a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead. During this November we will have our table of remembrance and we will remember all the dead throughout the month at Mass.

As we pray for them we remember that the feast of All saints is a celebration of all the unnamed saints who are in heaven. They are members of our families and friends we have known. We pray to them and ask them to help us on our journey of faith, so that like them we will have the courage to live and to proclaim our faith in word and in deed.

Let the journey continue,

Fr Karl