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Diocese of Joliet Office of the Bishop Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Thank you for your dedication to the Catholic Church and the schools in the Diocese of Joliet. Today I write to share with you an exciting and unprecedented opportunity for Catholic education that requires all of our attention. In August, the Illinois…


Help Wanted

Immaculate Conception Parish, located in Elmhurst, IL has an opening for a Parish Secretary/Bulletin Editor. This position includes serving as an executive level assistant. It is a full-time benefitted position. The preferred candidate will possess prior experience working as an executive level Secretary for an organization with numerous employees, preferably religious based, and have exemplary…


Annual Wreath and Poinsettias Sale

Starting the weekend of November 4th and 5th, the Knights of Columbus will have order sheets available for our annual Wreath and Poinsettias sale. Forms will be available at the Knights table located in the Narthex after all the masses. Your purchases will be available for pick up on the weekend of the Ladies Auxiliary…

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This Week's Bulletin


father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am sitting at the kitchen table at my brother’s house in Dublin writing this piece. It is a damp November day, but it’s still above freezing. The garden still has tomato plants with ripening tomatoes on them. There are still flowers in bloom, and as my niece’s wedding is on November 18, and we are hoping that this kind of weather will continue.

Even though I am thousands of miles away, I have had emails telling me what is going on with the rectory site. I have seen pictures of the corn around the church being cut. Our world is a small place now and so easy to keep in touch. When I went to Kenya a letter from Kenya took a week to travel from Kenya to Europe. Today it’s an instant email and yet it seems as if this instant communication has not brought our world closer to peace.

We need as Christians to continue to show that the message of love is the way to live. We make peace by living it out in our lives. Our world is a small and getting smaller which means we need to be much more aware of what is going on in other places. Only by knowing how others live and their fears can we begin to understand or world and work for peace. Pray for and work for peace.

Let the journey continue,

Fr Karl