UNBOUND – Thank you

Dear Fr. Karl, I want to thank you for inviting UNBOUND to your Parish, particularly in arranging the date for the visit to be when there would be a concentration of families in attendance. I wish to express my gratitude to your Parishioners for their great generosity in responding to my presentation of the sponsorship…


Blanket Ministry

Two weeks ago, Fr. Karl blessed the first ten blankets for our newly formed Blanket Ministry. Since that time, we have given away seven of those blankets to parishioners who are going through a difficult time, whether it be an illness, a shut-in, or someone who may be grieving. These blankets are either sewn, quilted,…



Rev. Peter Hereley OP has been invited to speak at all the masses on the weekend of March 11-12. Fr Hereley will speak to you about the work being done by UNBOUND and how this provides a trustworthy way to actively participate in the social outreach of the Catholic Church and answer the Gospel call…

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This Week's Bulletin


father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Blindness takes many forms. There is the physical blindness where the person cannot see. I remember on the missions in Kenya one women for whom cataracts had been a problem from her late teens. She had never seen her children or her nieces and nephews. She had only recollections of her parents and husband. We and the local mission hospital arranged for her surgery. The joy and rejoicing was overwhelming when she returned home ,but it was also a learning experience as she had been so used to doing everything by touch or by hearing . She had to relearn all her skills.

Jesus cures the blind but he also encourages us to look at our blindness, the faults we have but see only in others. The things we complain about but never do anything to solve. The hypocrisy we see in others but deny in ourselves. Lent asks us to turn away from sin and become aware of our own failings so we transform them by living out the values we profess. Let us as we journey together in faith realize that not all blindness is physical. Let us be open to transforming our own blindness into a time for relearning our Christian values

Let the journey continue,

Fr Karl