How to Make a Rosary class

St. Francis Xavier successfully held its first How to Make a Rosary class hosted by the Legion of Mary! Rosaries created during the event will be donated. Thanks to all those who attended!  


A Message From The Bishop Of Joliet

Inspired by the Mother of Mercy, I invite every parish and chapel in the Diocese of Joliet to use this upcoming September 15, the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows, to pray for an outpouring of God’s love and mercy upon all of us, especially those who experienced abuse. I recommend that Mass or other…


The great Shrines of France

Interested in knowing more about and Journeying to The great Shrines of France? Join the tour to Paris* Chartes *St Theresa of Lisieux* St Malo* The Chateaux of the Loire Valley and spectacular Mont St Michel Hosted by my good Friend Fr. Jim O’Brien ( I am thinking of travelling) May 16 to 27 2017…

Upcoming Events

This Week's Bulletin


father_karl_216Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I have spent the last week Sunday 14th today Friday 19th with 20 of my colleagues, all of us ordained around the same time at a renewal/ reunion at St Patrick’s Missionary Society, Kiltegan, Co Wicklow. It was, when we were students a very isolated spot in the west of the county and it still is.

It is about 50+ miles from Dublin but it is another world, a world of farmland and trees and mountains. It is good to be here for a short spell. Renewing acquaintances and sitting together, eating meals together and telling stories is good for the spirit. We have all changed the hair is greyer the gait is slower but some of the idiosyncrasies remain the same.

The renewal is good in that it’s not high powered but at a pace and a way that’s suited to us. As I do not have a car I have spent a lot of my spare time wandering around the compound and roads, observing, how the trees have grown or what new objects have appeared or watching the cattle, the sheep have eluded me. It has been a time to reflect to look back and to look forward; a time to pray and to give thanks for a journey that has had many twists and turns. It has also been a time to remember the ones who are not here, and those who have gone before us in faith.

Every one of us need time to reflect and to renew ourselves for the challenges ahead. During this time I have remembered you all at Mass and in prayer. My thanks to those who took time off to go to the diocesan center on Tuesday 16th to argue our case for beginning to build a new rectory. Hopefully we will get that permission.

This weekend 19-21 I go to visit a 91-year-old Uncle by marriage living in England. He is now the last of that generation so I always try to spend a little time with him.

Let the journey continue,

Pray for me as I pray for you, Fr Karl